Cleanic Baby ECO underpads for babies

Cleanic Baby ECO underpads for babies

Certified biodegradable underpads for babies is an innovative product produced of natural components. Each underpad consists of 3 biodegradable layers.

The top layer directly contacting with the skin is made of 100% cotton. The absorbing layer is made of certified cellulose pulp, a raw material of natural origin, which perfectly absorbs and retains moisture. The insulatng layer is made of natural polymers.

The packaging of the underpads is recyclable. The pads are perfect for swaddling a baby and as a mattress protector in a crib or stroller. Available size: 60x60 cm.

Vegan certified
recyclable packaging
Cotton Inc.

We use only top-quality ingredients.

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Ingredients: cotton, cellulose pulp, bio foil.