How to Talk to Loved Ones About Your Menstrual Cycle?

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Your Menstrual Cycle?

The topic of menstruation still remains taboo in society, and many women feel uncomfortable discussing it openly. But is it right to be ashamed of talking about something that directly affects half of humanity? Is it normal that many girls and adult women experience psychological discomfort and feel embarrassed about their bodies and their natural processes?


Silencing the topic of menstruation has a negative impact on the well-being of millions of women around the world. We believe it's time to break free from prejudices and stop turning away from something that is absolutely normal, natural, and, moreover, crucial for health.


How to talk about menstruation with teenagers?

In every girl's life, there comes a moment when she has to face her first menstruation. To spare a child from unnecessary stress and unpleasant surprises in the future, it's better to talk about it in advance. There's no need to overwhelm them with detailed anatomical discussions about menstruation – remember that you're talking to a child. So, simple and straightforward phrases work best. Don't forget to mention that it's completely normal, natural, and happens to all women. It might be a good idea to show what sanitary pads are and how to use them using Cleanic pads as an example. Remember that this conversation doesn't have to be a one-time event. Like everything in life, knowledge about menstruation accumulates gradually over the years. This way, your daughter will be as prepared as possible when the time comes.


But should you talk about menstruation with boys? Absolutely. Prejudice toward this natural physiological process often arises due to a lack of information. Future men should also understand how the female body works. It's much better if your child learns about menstruation from you, as it will enable them to support their friends or future partners during challenging times.


How to talk to a man about menstruation?

Don't be afraid to discuss menstruation with your husband or boyfriend. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, men can become nervous when the topic of menstruation comes up. If you recognize your significant other in the description above, try to calmly explain that there's nothing scary or awful about menstruation; it's a normal physiological process.


Often, women's moods can be affected during their menstrual cycle. At times, it may feel like you want to lash out at your loved one, and this can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. Men often find it bewildering when faced with these emotional swings. If you're experiencing discomfort due to your menstrual cycle, try to explain to your partner in a calm setting that you're not feeling your best and that they shouldn't take your emotional outbursts to heart. Perhaps spending some time alone during this period might be the right solution.


We hope that these tips will help you find understanding with your loved ones and make it easier to navigate your period 😌