The cosmetic essentials for every holidaymaker

The cosmetic essentials for every holidaymaker

A journey is a demanding logistical undertaking. Packing the appropriate cosmetic products into a suitcase early will help save unnecessary irritation and unpleasant surprises.

A breath of freshness

Refreshing hand and body wipes will make the unpleasant, sticky-skin feeling disappear once and for all after many hours of travel. They are an irreplaceable companion – especially during a long trip when it is impossible to wash your hands. The wipes, soaked in an antibacterial liquid, will not only effectively remove all germs but will also be a source of a sensual experience thanks to their aromatic floral or fruit fragrances. Everyone will find a scent that suits them.

Discreet comfort

Thanks to the intimate hygiene wipes, stops in places without toilets will no longer be terrifying. Packed in small and discreet packs, they will fit in any pocket or bag. The hygienic discomfort accompanying the journey will be replaced forever by a feeling of permanent refreshment with intimate hygiene wet wipes.

Wash away the hardship of the journey

When you have successfully reached your destination, you will be happy to take out your make-up removal wipes from your toiletry bag and take a look at the natural holiday surroundings. This convenient 2-in-1 solution will not only save valuable space in your suitcase, but will also have an immediate cleansing effect so that you can enjoy your dream holiday for longer.

For holidaymakers who appreciate all the amenities, a travel bag with wet wipes is a guarantee that their holiday will be perfect – at least in terms of cosmetics.