The Inseparable Companions for Daily Treatments

The Inseparable Companions for Daily Treatments

To ensure that your daily skin care treatments in the comfort of your bathroom are natural and do not cause unnecessary problems, you need to have the basic supplies. The ritual of daily skin cleansing is the basis for all skin care treatments, so the accessories used for application are just as important as the cosmetics.


Cleansing with cotton pads

The essential and initial step in any skincare routine is thorough skin preparation. This involves effective facial cleansing, which becomes a more pleasant and precise experience when using the right cotton pads. It's no wonder that you'll find cotton pads in nearly every bathroom or makeup bag.


The precision of a cotton bud

Cotton buds are just as popular as cotton pads. Whether it's carefully cleaning the nooks and crannies of the ear canal or precisely removing makeup residue in the eye area, this versatile hygiene tool is essential for any bathroom.


Refreshing with a wet wipe

The set of basic hygiene supplies must also include wet wipes. They are not only quick and easy to use, but they are also gentle and effective on the skin. Wet wipes are a convenient and versatile way to cleanse, refresh, and remove makeup. They are also a great option for cleaning hands on the go.


Cotton buds, wet wipes, and cotton pads are essential items in our homes. They are used for a variety of tasks, from cleaning ears to removing makeup. When choosing these products, it is important to consider their impact on our health and the environment. Cleanic offers a range of sustainable and gentle on the skin products that are perfect for everyday use for all skin types.