The best way to remove make-up quickly and effectively

The best way to remove make-up quickly and effectively

With water

Not so long ago, make-up removal with water was the most popular form of removing cosmetic products from the skin. Today, Foam, gel, thermal water, micellar fluid or milk is the assortment we use. It is worth knowing a quicker alternative that combines the functions of the methods above. A few movements with a make-up removal wipe will save you from having to buy all of the above-mentioned cosmetics. A handbag with a neat pack of wipes is a more pleasant sight than a handbag stuffed to the brim with liquid make-up removal bottles.

With cream

When the bathroom shelves are empty, the only available alternative to remove make-up is the daily face cream. However, this is a last resort, not necessarily adequate for the make-up you are about to remove. Often this method fails, are finally you are forced to wash off the remains of cosmetic products with water anyway. In such cases, wet wipes are perfect, as they combine the power of removing greasy make-up with the cleansing effect of water and the soothing features of extracts or gentle oils. The lack of greasy film on the skin and the practicality of using it in all conditions are the two features that give it an advantage over its other cosmetic counterparts.

With four hands

Make-up removal wipes are four-handed cleansing. They reduce the multi-stage cleansing cycle to a few massaging movements. Their special formulas, prepared for different skin types, will appeal to women who value efficiency, comfort of use and aesthetic appearance – which, at the same time, will satisfy every make-up lover.