Safe and straightforward. How to use cotton buds properly?

Safe and straightforward. How to use cotton buds properly?

Fighting with sticks

According to medical recommendations (supported by safety reasons), appropriate care is to use cotton buds to clean the nooks and crannies of the auricle's surface, not its interior. By putting the cotton bud too deep into the middle of the ear, you push accumulated earwax into it – often causing irreversible health consequences. Such inadequate care does more harm than good, so careful cleaning of the ears should be done on the inlet of the inner ear canal and the outer part of the auricle.

With the precision of a cotton bud

Standard cotton buds are versatile in their application. However, if you want to perform a more precise care treatment, it is worth considering the purchase of pointed-tip cotton buds for precise correction of the eye area. Such a dedicated product will allow you to make the most intricate make-up and the laborious make-up removal will fall into oblivion. The right choice for persons with sensitive skin are cotton buds made of 100% cotton, which will gently treat demanding areas.

The cotton bud rules say: be reasonable and you’ll become addicted to fine care.