Intimate hygiene? Naturally!

Intimate hygiene? Naturally!

Intimate hygiene is an extremely delicate issue that must be approached with caution. Each of us is different, so it would be simply unreasonable to treat sensitive areas with one all-purpose cosmetic. According to the principle ‘there are as many needs as there are women’, products should be diverse and tailored to specific preferences.

Lactic acid is a must

The key issue in intimate hygiene is to ensure the right level of acidity i.e. the pH level. In the normal microflora of intimate areas, this task is performed by the most numerous bacteria – lactic acid bacillus, which is a probiotic.

This type of bacteria uses the glycogen present in epithelial cells to ferment and produce lactic acid. Thanks to it, the vaginal environment has a proper acidic pH level in which pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive, let alone multiply. A safe product for intimate hygiene should, therefore, contain lactic acid.

What if there is an irritation?

For ladies with frequent irritations, products that contain camomile extract – in addition to lactic acid – are perfect. Camomile extract is valued for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It facilitates faster regeneration of micro-damage of the mucosa and soothes irritations.

Very personal hygiene

The expectations of active women who need a quick and effective refreshment during the day are met by intimate hygiene wipes. It is a comfortable and discreet solution that will fit into every woman’s handbag. When choosing the right option for you, it is also worth paying attention to whether the wipe is biodegradable and flushable and if it can be safely discarded of [into the toilet bowl].