Discover the secret of the correct skin care

Discover the secret of the correct skin care

Start with the base

Thorough cleansing of the skin is the first step of all cleansing treatments. Without the proper preparation, the effect of further care treatments will be destroyed. Removal of residues of make-up, exfoliating scrub, mask, or washing away signs of fatigue with a micellar fluid or thermal water – all of this is a part of the cleansing treatment, thanks to which the cream or serum will become a more effective weapon in the struggle for well-cared for and healthy skin.

One wipe - many tasks

The multi-purpose nature of the cleaning product is not without significance. At this point it is worth mentioning make-up removal wipes, which combine the function of the best preparation with compactness. Their soothing ingredients and delicate formula will allow the skin not only to be cleansed, but also to be well-cared for and regenerated.

Be persistent

The list of such preparations is still open, so trying to describe them would be a difficult task. Dermatologists agree that the regularity with which we perform treatments is as important as the type of cosmetic used. Everyday cleaning of your face, neck and cleavage with cotton pads will make the cleansing treatment a pleasant ritual that can be simply addictive.