Cotton pads fight the bathroom routine. How to make the most of them?

Cotton pads fight the bathroom routine. How to make the most of them?

Cotton pads are never enough in our bathrooms or vanity units. Most of us think this way. However, apart from daily make-up removal and cleansing treatments, are we able to use their enormous potential?



Many of us repeat our daily make-up removal or toning routines with cotton pads religiously. Such cleansing treatments are a prelude to better nourishing of the skin with cream, serum or masks – the excess of which can be easily removed with cotton pads while we gently massage our skin at the same time. Equally often, after 'DIY-at-home' beauty treatments, we find the remains of exfoliating scrub or nail polish on the cotton pads.


New parents know how important gentleness and meticulousness are in the daily care of their newborn. Cotton pads combine both of these features and make the washing of folds and troublesome hollows – as well as the daily ritual of oiling the baby’s skin – very simple. In the magnitude of everyday parental duties, the guarantee that the child's eyes or sensitive skin are treated gently is priceless.


The high absorbency of the cotton pads and the content of beneficial oils or extracts not only make them an efficient cosmetic tool, but also a care product. What would eye or skin compresses be without a suitable carrier that does not destroy the active agent’s function? It is also no surprise that in case of minor cuts or sores, we automatically reach for a cotton pad moistened with water or disinfectant.

Cotton pads have become a permanent feature in our homes and beauty salons. They feel at home there as they know that there are lots of reasons for mutual fondness. One thing is for sure – an experimental week without cotton pads would end in a real cosmetic disaster.