Cotton buds? Failproof ways to use them

Cotton buds? Failproof ways to use them

The application of cotton buds is really wide. There is little truth in the statement that cotton buds are only used for cleaning ears. Some of the uses are unconventional but can be treated as clever patents.

Hair, skin, nails

Sound like an advertising slogan from a vitamin preparation label? Not at all. Cotton buds will help you take care of the appearance of these three areas. Applying a vitamin preparation or oil to neglected cuticles with cotton buds is the daily routine of home spas and beauty salons. Finishing the eye make-up with a neat ‘swallow wing’ or precise application of eye shadows with an unusual applicator, or even covering your lips with your favourite lipstick, which is just about to run out(!), are also tasks that are perfect for a cotton bud. All that remains is to dye your roots and put henna on the eyebrows or eyelashes and...the possibilities are exhausted.

Men’s affairs

Some of the many unusual solutions for using cotton buds include using them to clean the cockpit of a car or computer keyboards – both with lots of hard-to-reach places. These difficult objects will pay you back with a beautiful appearance – all of this only due to the use of a cotton bud. On the wave of enthusiasm for the great effect of the work on electronics, take a look in the kitchen and bathroom and treat these rooms to a 'stick spa' without using chemicals. Shining up the nooks and crannies of the kitchen and bathroom appliances or cleaning sockets are nothing compared to the satisfaction it will bring to other household members.

A laboratory, a first aid kit or maybe a painting studio are places where cotton buds can also work as a 'baton' in the hands of their user – the conductor.