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make-up removal wipes

Make-up removal plays a major role in everyday facial care. Insufficiently cleansed skin forms a barrier for the nourishing substances contained in care products.

Cleanic make-up removal wipes are an effective method of cleansing and nourishing facial skin. The unique structure enables the careful removal of dirt, and the micellar liquid absorbs impurities. Thanks to this they remove make-up effectively, and are also water-proof. Moreover, Cleanic make-up removal wipes have been enriched with various active ingredients adapted to various skin types. The practical pack makes them useful both at home, and while on the go.

Cleanse & Soothe

for sensitive skin, with micellar liquid, caresoft™ and allantoin

Cleanse & Moisturise

with micellar liquid, panthenol and hydranov™

Cleanse & Nourish

with micellar liquid and caviar extract

Cleanse & Regenerate

with micellar liquid, collagen and elastin


with micellar liquid, aloe vera and zinc formula


with micellar liquid and hyaluronic acid

The manufacturer of the Cleanic
brand is Harper Hygienics

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